Fire Training

Warden Training/General & First Response Evacuation Coordination Instructions.

The Fire Warden Training details preparedness, prevention, implementing effective emergency procedures and response activities. This includes emergency roles, responsibilities, operation of fire equipment and evacuation procedures. Fire Wardens are an important risk control measure.

The instructions that will be given will take into account the following components:

  • The locations of the buildings’ escape routes (fire exits and pathways to an exit).
  • A procedure for conducting members of staff and the public to an exit and then to the designated assembly area (safe place).
  • Checking of all rooms (including toilets) for people (after assessing the risk from smoke or fire).
  • The location of fire-fighting equipment (fire extinguishers, fire blankets & fire hose reels).
  • The location of fire alarms or equipment for warning of fire (if applicable).
  • The method of operation of fire-fighting equipment (fire extinguishers, blankets & hose reels). Types of Extinguishers and classes of fire in which they are effective on. The method used to activate fire alarms or equipment for warning of fire (if applicable).
  • Making the announcement for occupants of the building to evacuate. This can be delivered via messengers or a public address system (if applicable)
  • Contacting the Fire Service using ‘000’ telephone number passing on details of the emergency.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of the building evacuation, with consideration as to who may be missing and where they may still be within the building. (Conducting a head count)
  • Meeting the attending Fire Service Officer to pass on updated details of the emergency.

First Response/Attack Fire Training

Extinguisher Training – Live fire training with operation of a fire extinguisher.
Practice a real fire situation and learn how to extinguish a fire.

Site Evacuation Practices

Mock Evacuation of the complex for residents. Provide evacuation notice and conduct evacuation practise.